Abay Minch Lodge, Bahir Dar

Sysse writes:

I bought the latest edition of your guide book to Ethiopia before going there on an organized tour this February (my first trip there) and even though we had very competent guides, I found your book absolutely indispensable, also being wonderful reading, very informative and always to the point

you should perhaps reconsider Abay Minch Lodge in Bahir Dar: we arrived tired and extremely sweaty and dusty, but even though they knew we were coming, there was no water, not even in the faucet

only after some loud shouting did they turn the water on, alas too late for us to shower before going out for dinner (we had heard some unpleasant stories about the kitchen of the lodge)

the next morning, again no water – shouting, then the water came, but again too late for us to shower before we had to leave

the worst thing was that they did not seem to care at all

predictably, most of the fancy stuff in the showers did not work


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