Rock climbing near Addis Ababa

Nico writes:

I recently created Ethiopia’s first ever sport climbing cliff at Armora Gedel (meaning “hawk’s cliff” in Amharic), a 60 metres basaltic wall set at an altitude of 2,800m outside Addis Ababa. I started the project back in mid-2013 and friends and I are still developing routes today. We have around 30 routes now. The climbing crew is 10 to 20 people living in Addis Ababa, and we see a lot of visitors too. But it’s not a commercial enterprise, any rock climbers can go there. or join us.

This link is all about the wall and the climbs

And here’s a link to a story i wrote for rock n ice

I also recently added a detailed free 16-page guidebook here:

Interested climbers are welcome to contact Nico at nico.parco [at]


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