Arrival at Bole Terminal 2

AddisAdvisor writes:

Because of recent events in Paris and elsewhere, Bole Airport is protected by more Federal Police than ever before. And meet-and-greeters are NOT allowed into Terminal 2 unless they have a special permit from the Ministry of Tourism, which they wear around their neck…


a. If you are being met by personal friends, or unofficial solo guides, they will probably meet you outside in the car park as described in point d below. If you are being met by the representative of a hotel or tour company, or an official guide, check in advance whether they will wait inside or outside the building.

b. Try to have a local mobile phone number to call.

c. If inside, your meeter will be sat or near a metal barrier that is in front of you as you emerge from the secure area/baggage hall/customs.

d. If  outside, they will be at the foot of the central steps. i.e. the building has a rectangular outdoor car park outside running its full length. This car park is below the level of the building. Come out of the building and turn left. Soon you see an outside set of about 20 steps on your right that lead down into the car park. Greeters will be at the foot of these steps hopefully with their or your name….At the top of steps you can turn right down a long ramp that allows you to push a luggage trolley down. The ramp delivers you to the front of the yellow taxi queue where you go left back along a pavement to reach the foot of the steps and the crowd of greeters!!

e. IF you are unsure of where you are being met, and/or phoning someone, the best place to wait is at the Yellow Spot cafe just to left of where you exit secure area into public area.

f. BE AWARE that once you go out of the building it is difficult to get back in……

g. If you arrive after dark all this still applies/. The car park is very well lit up

NOTE Please do not let this put you off . Ethiopia is one of the safest nations in the world and Ethiopia’s intelligence systems and security forces are second to none.


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