Map recommendations

John Grinling writes:

In the new edition, p. 85, concerning road maps, you say that no
reliable road map of the country can be found.

I use an excellent road map named “Äthiopien” published by
Reise-Know-How Verlag, Bielefeld ( that I
purchased in Switzerland. Il is not only fairly precise (1:1’800’000)
but it is printed on some kind of excellent material guaranteed
“rip & waterproof”.

I own an even more interesting map of Ethiopia
published by the Centre for Development and Environment, University of
Bern, Switzerland, in association with the Ministry of Agriculture,
Ethiopia. It is called the Agroecological Belts of Ethiopia (3 maps at
a scale of 1:1,000,000) that can be ordered at the University of
Berne, Switzerland. E-mail: Besides being fairly accurate as far as the roads are concerned, it gives a very good idea of the physical geography – what in French I
would call “relief” – of Ethiopia.

There is an Internet site where the first mentioned map can be
purchased, as well as a few other maps : You can indeed find
there the Ethiopia Travel Map (with Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti).
1:2,000,000. Reise Know-How.

As well as a less precise, but not too bad Ethiopia travel map.
1:2,000,000. ITMB, described as a “detailed road map of Ethiopia, with
tourist sites marked.”

On Internet, there are many versions of Google maps, such as

I consider the interactive maps that can be found on as an interesting alternative to Google,
especially as far as Addis Abeba’s city map is concerned.

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