News from Addis Ababa

Many thanks to AddisAdvisor for the following updates to the 7th edition:

Addis Light Rail

Both the East-West and North-South lines are now open. The two lines can be distinguished by colour: trains on the North-South line are Blue and White, while those on the East-West line are Green and White.

This East-West line goes from Ayat 15km out in the far eastern suburbs of the city, via Megananya, Haile Gebre Sellassie Avenue, Meskel Sq ,Lagare, Mexico Sq, to Tor Hiloch 5km west of city centre. See maps in new Bradt Guide p 158 159 or
138/9 where the railways are marked in a darker shade with dots in the
middle (but part is missing in square 5B). The East-West line passes many hotels, see 158 /9…..

Some of the station names are not as in the book. This is because station names were not all decided/published when the Bradt maps were finalised… and more stations were built than on the original planners map.

For example 158 2C station is not called Kasa South but Bambis Supermarket….

Tickets are bought outside each station from new orange coloured mini
shop nearby. You state your destination and get a single ticket at 2,
4, or 6 birr according to distance you are going.

The plan is for trains to run every 6 minutes but at the moment not all trains are built or running so you may have to wait up to 20 minutes.


The Mexican Family Restaurant, listed on p164, has closed. But the Claypot, listed on p165, has now relocated from Gerji to the premises formerly occupied by the Mexican Family Restaurant i.e. between Bambis and Olympia underpass, as shown on the map on p155, grid G8 labelled 29.

New hotels

Addis Ababa seems to gain a new hotel pretty well every month.

Here are 2 newish ones both at Atlas junction close to the budget Mr Martins (p159 4E in new Bradt guide maps).

Hometown Addis Hotel, small boutique hotel, 25 very nice rooms. Prices
start at $40. Close to restaurants and minibus route to Urael , Kasainches towards
city centre, or to Edna Mall area. or 00251

Washington Hotel. More upmarket $95 upwards. Tour company owners tell
me the standards are high. Info


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