Obtaining a Temporary ID as a husband/wife of Ethiopian

Report from a French citizen for Ethiopian Temporary ID as a husband/wife of Ethiopian, Oct 2015

You normally need to be married since more than 2 years (to avoid false weddings), but when married abroad you can apply earlier, what was our case. The beginning of this process is different if the wedding took place in Ethiopia.

Collect the following papers.
 Wedding certificate. If wedding took place abroad, first make it legalize by your Foreign Minister in home country, 1Euro for French in Paris (French embassies have no longer the power to fully legalize). Then make confirm this paper by your embassy in Ethiopia (they’ll stamp for a fee, 415 etb for French). From this moment, everythings happens in Addis. Go to Kazanchis, at the Legalizations’ annex of Ethiopian Foreign Minister, they’ll stamp as well (150 etb, Ethiopian price because of Ethiopianity of your wife/husband).
 Photocopy of the above paper full of stamps
 If the above document is not from an english-speaking country, get an official translation in English made by any office at Stadium (138 etb for each translated sheet from French to English Adonay Translation)
 Bank account at your wife/husband name, credited of more than 35 000 etb. (Strongly advised bank : Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.)
 Photocopy of the above paper, both the holder’s page and the credit line.
 Photocopy of your passport
 Photocopy of your Ethiopian visa
 Photocopy of your wife/husband passport
 Letter by amharic from your wife/husband explaining the reason of the asking.

At the main Immigration Minister, first go to the Welcome desk (the building right at your left when coming from Churchill and passing the small Police hut), until the desk of Foreigners (the outside clerk will maybe say you than the present process is impossible!). The clerk of the right side desk will check your papers (and give you back the multi-stamped-original), then give you a form that you have to fill, then back to the same clerck who will write an authorization on the back of the form, allowing yourself to enter in the main building, upstairs (security-checking).

Go to the desk number 77. They will just again check everything, registering on computer, shoot you by a webcam, and send you at desk 89. You’ll have to pay a fee of 1500 etb (for French), they give you a receipt with an appointment at the desk 90, exactly 48 hours after (2 working days after, at the same hour).

Opening times of this Minister : 8.00-17.30 (2.00-11.30 ethiopian). The lunch break takes place from 6.30 (ethiopian) to 7.30, and everybody will be pushed out of the Immigration complex, with a waiting list number

You will then be given a 1-year Temporary ID (without work permit, that’s another story)

In the French case, your fresh card will allow yourself to register on the Counsular lists, and « enjoy » a number of services (like discounted fares on some civil status acts).


3 thoughts on “Obtaining a Temporary ID as a husband/wife of Ethiopian

  1. John Grinling says:

    Thanks for a remarkably detailed outline of the process… I was fortunate enough to have a member of my Ethiopian family do it for me… But it is really worth the while, as it enables you to get your definitive (not temporary) ethiopian identity card labelled as “Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian Origin”: no more visas needed to enter the country, and visit Lalibela for free, instead of paying 50 USD…

  2. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the details. My husband & I are heading to Ethiopia next month and were looking into getting the ID for me. This definitely provides insight.

  3. Grace says:

    Is this account still active for comments and questions. If yes, are you saying one can not work with the temporary id issued for the foreign spouse

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