Tesfa Community Guides, Lalibela

In October 2014 we (2 ladies) did an unforgettable trekking in the Wollo Region around Lalibela with Tesfa Community Guides. Look at the website for more information: www.tesfacommunityguides.com!

In 12 days we walked from Gashena back to Lalibela through a stunning landscape. If you expect luxury and comfort, this is not the trip to do. But if you don’t mind basic accommodation (tukuls) without running water and electricity around the campsite and toilet outside, this is the way to see the real Ethiopian mountain life of the farmers. We did the total trek (including climbing the Abuna Yoseph), but there are several opportunities to adapt the length of the trek to your wishes.

Our guide Misgan was great. He is from the mountains himself and knows all about the farmers life, Ethiopian culture and flora and fauna. His English is very good!

You can also contact directly to him:
e-mail: misganmebrie@yahoo.com
mobile: 251(0)911095387


One thought on “Tesfa Community Guides, Lalibela

  1. Girma says:

    I like it very much what the two ladies says about Tesfa community guides in Lalibela.i also recommend people to visit this pionner community based tourism in Ethiopia.

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