Tewodros Hotel, Harar

Tony writes:

After 8 months in Africa and 9 countries, I’ve managed to come across the worst accommodation so far! It’s the bed-bug infested Tewodros Hotel in Harar, which also doubles as a brothel!

Despite the fact that the guide book mentions this place as a backpackers favourite, I find it completely devoid of any tourists apart from the local consumers of sex services (I couldn’t check in till 6 pm as a large customer accompanied by a young lady – and it wasn’t his daughter – was paying by the hour).

I chose, as recommended by the guide book, a room on the 1st floor but the only animals I can see are the bed bugs, roaches and the flies. And if my bed bug bites weren’t enough, there’s no water at all despite, bizarrely enough, a leaking tap.
And just to clarify so no one believes I’m one of those moaners that can never be satisfied….I never stay in any other accommodation other than ‘ shoestring ‘ and I’ve stayed in some rough places in my life but this place takes the mickey…
And by the way, the restaurant is gone. The only dishes served are firfir/tibs. And the guide is called Abdul.


One thought on “Tewodros Hotel, Harar

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Just to balance out Tony’s feedback, I (Philip Briggs) stayed at the Tewodros myself only a few months ago in the course of researching the 7th edition, after having looked at pretty much every hotel in Harar, and I thought it still stood out as the town’s best budget option. The (upstairs) room was quieter and the water supply was fine. No bedbugs or fleas or anything like that. But the restaurant was closed and the ground floor rooms were truly abysmal. I saw nothing to suggest any brothel-like activity, but most shoestring hotels in Ethiopia are open to ‘by the hour’ custom without actually soliciting it. Having said that, accommodation options in Harar are uniformly sub-par (the ‘where to stay’ section in the new edition opens as follows: “Harar has the poorest hotel selection of any of Ethiopia’s main urban tourist centres.” So I guess any ‘best in Harar’ tag is a relative thing – I doubt that any of them would make the book were they situated somewhere like Gondar or Hawassa, where the overall standard is just so much higher!!!!!

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