Travellers cheques & ATMs

Christine writes:

I just returned from Ethiopia and want to pass on this information regarding traveller’s cheques. Traveller’s cheques are no longer cashable in Ethiopia. I had used them 5 years ago without any problems. Even banks outside Addis were able to cash them for me. However on this trip I was told that banks have not been cashing them for about 2 years. I was able to get cash advances on VISA at banks in Addis. I did not try to use ATMs outside the capital and I only used them inside banks in Addis. I was a bit leary of the ATMs outside banks. A friend was using one when the power went out and his card was stuck in the machine.


One thought on “Travellers cheques & ATMs

  1. steve says:

    what type of credit card did you use in ethiopia to withdraw cash? It is very confusing to me which to bring. I am leaving to spend five weeks there after christmas. Thanks so much for any information

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