New bridge at Kangatan, South Omo

Gilli writes:

South Omo. The new Bridge at Kangatan [aka Kangata or Kangate] across the Omo is open! We crossed it on the second day after it opened on Sunday 15th February 2015. However, there are barriers both ends of the bridge with police guards who went off for lunch around 1pm and shut the barriers leaving us trapped in Kangatan until they were finished! Also problem with our local guide who was charging us for the hire of a boat across the Omo which of course we didn’t need. It took an hour to sort this out as our Addis guide felt it was a point of principle not to pay for something we didn’t do.
On the bright side, we were able to drive further the other side of the river than we would have been able to do if visiting by boat and walking so went into a Nyangatom village completely unused to tourists.
This new bridge has also made a vast difference to those visiting West Omo. The French beat us to it and crossed the bridge earlier in the day before us. They had been camping in West Omo and instead of the long trip back via Mago were able to shorten their journey considerably.
Hope this helps.

If only there was a good map! I read too late that you can get the National Geographic one in Addis though not online [even for members] but we did find that the Timeless Travel map [be careful not to get the Polish addition!] was pretty good and much better than the International Travel Map at least for South Omo.


4 thoughts on “New bridge at Kangatan, South Omo

  1. pol says:

    Hi Gilli
    I didn’t found the place “Kangata” in any map , neither in online maps . Is it , by chance , Omorate ??
    It would be a wonderful news for us, we are waiting this bridge since 2 years.. can’t wait your reply!
    thank’s for reporting
    best regards

    • philipbriggs says:

      Pol, it seems to be an alternative spelling of Kangatan (see p 551 of the 6th edition) and I have changed the post accordingly – a second bridge is also under construction at Omorate but this was still not open when I was last in the area about 6 weeks ago

  2. pol says:

    HI Philip ,
    Thank’s for this coment , I just read the Katagan chapter, I didn’t noticed it before : you’ve also mentioned Kangatan in the small map “omo sud” .
    Good news , this is only 60km from Omorate .
    Do you know if this bridge is for vehicule or only for pedestrian / bikers ?
    best regards
    PS : thank’s also for the huge work you’ve done for the Etiopa Book : this is by far the best one, no competition !

  3. philipbriggs says:

    So far as I know it is for vehicles – that is what I was told in Ethiopia and Gilli seems to have driven across it.

    The bridge in Omorate will also be for vehicles & it looks very close to completion when I last visited so who knows…

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