Visas on arrival – good news confirmed!

It is now definitely possible to get a 90-day visa on arrival at Bole. I went through immigration myself earlier this week and bought one for US$70. You can also pay the Euro or British pound sterling equivalent.


6 thoughts on “Visas on arrival – good news confirmed!

  1. Meriyn says:

    I have met people who managed to get the 90 day visa, but they flew Ethiopian Airlines. I arrived on Jan 15th in the middle of the night and was refused it. I spoke to two senior immigration officers the next day. Both maintained that it was possible to get it at the airport, one even phoned the airport. I told them I’d asked but been told no.

    • philipbriggs says:

      Hi Merlyn,

      There was a period of a few months when it was only possible to get a 30 day visa on arrival. I fell victim to this myself in November when I arrived for 31 days and literally had to get an extension for the 8 hours I overstayed the 30-day visa, which was all they would issue me on arrival, despite my pleading.

      However, my understanding is that the three-month visa was made available on arrival again as of 28 Jan. It was definitely available when I arrived in Ethiopia on 16 Feb. At least two price lists for both the 30 day and the three-month visa are now posted at immigration (whereas in November it stated equally clearly that 30 days was the max on arrival). I saw nothing to suggest that it matters which airline you flew with. It is just that things have changed. Once again…

      None of which is any consolation to someone like yourself who landed in AA during the window when 30-days was the max on arrival. But I am as certain as can be that any passport-holder eligible for a visa on arrival will now get three months if they ask for it and pay the US$70 fee.

      Thanks, Philip

      • E&M says:

        Great news on the 90 day visa! Any word on a multi entry visa yet?

        We absolutely loved our visit in Ethiopia, but unfortunately had booked our trip for 31 days (thinking we would be able to get a 60 day visa) arriving on Dec 4th. Tried to get a longer visa on entry, but the woman would not budge, so we paid the $20 (the fee at that time) and figured we would deal with it later.

        We were told by other Ethiopian and travel agents it would not be a problem. But since our flight was to the Seychelles we were not willing to risk it. Spent the morning (before our departure) at Immigration, where, although chaotic, were lucky enough to have multiple people helping us thru the process and were able to pick up our visa that afternoon. Of course it cost us $1oo each and another $50 expedite fee….

        Then we arrived back in Ethiopia for 36 hours and had to pay another $50 visa. And the irony of it all, on our final departure, immigration never looked and stamped me out on my original visa… 🙂 You just never know!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Is this visa on arrival confirmed? Is it available for all countries? I am a Malaysian & if it is available on arrival, it’ll definitely great news. I am going in Sept
    Also, I would like a multi-entry too as plan to visit Djibouti. If visa on arrival is possible now, would it be a problem to get a multi-entry one?

  3. Kip Dorrell says:

    I’m curious how long it takes at the airport to get your visa on arrival? I will be with others who already have their visas and my fingers are crossed it won’t be too long and painful a procedure. Thanks!

    • philipbriggs says:

      Depends on how long the queue is Kip. I would say at least 30 minutes and often longer than a hour. Once you are at the head of the queue, it is straightforward enough & you should have the visa in 5 minutes.

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