Visas on arrival – tentative good news

I’ve just heard from two reliable local sources, one working in tourism and the other with the government, that according to the immigration department, a 3-month single-entry visa should be available on arrival at US$70 (as opposed to US$50 for the 30-day visa) starting today (28 Jan 2015).

I would not recommend that anybody rely on this information until it is verified. However, if anybody flying into Addis Ababa is able to verify or refute it by checking with the visa desk at the airport arrivals hall, that would be most useful – please comment below!

One thought on “Visas on arrival – tentative good news

  1. Gilli Wyer says:

    On arrival in Addis Ababa on 9th February 2015 we were given a 28 day visa cost US$50 each and no photographs required. I assume the 28 days 9th Feb to 8th March is because February for us [UK] is a short month but maybe not for Ethiopians. We had been told that they would require two photographs now but that was not the case though we took them just to be sure.

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