Zebib Lodge, Arba Minch

Just back from an Omo trip and stayed at Zebib one night on the way down, and the way back. If you want a superb modern room at a good price with amazing views over the two lakes, this is the place. It is literally 300 metres max from Bekele Mola Hotel Gate. To reach from BM come out of gate, walk to the corner of the big dual carriageway road. Go 100 metres up that road and Zebib is on your right on the corner of a road that goes off to the right ( it’s on the Bradt map). Rooms are superb and good value for money eg 450 Birr for tourists. Zebib has two cafe/bars but you can also go to any of the major hotels on the road nearby. Reception and service are excellent. There are two outdoor bars/cafes but you can also walk to B Mola, Swaynes etc on the clifftop overlooking the 2 lakes.

Phones 0468814788 0924744242 If travelling a long way it is worth phoning to book as they do get pretty full.

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