Arrival at Bole Airport, Addis Ababa

Addis Advisor writes:

Today, 8:29
Met my grandson Saturday, took over 2 hours to get out. London plane landed 0550, we were not out till 0800. I got into the baggage area to see what was happening.

Another arrival Sunday, was out in 35 minutes. WHY?

Delays are now more to do with baggage handling capacity than visa queues or, immigration lines.

Passenger numbers at Bole are now well over 6 million per year ( tho a big % are in transit.) The main international terminal was opened 2003 but it cannot cope at rush hours now.

Rush hour is 0530 to 0930 am, and about the same pm….

There are only 5 carousels and 1 is reserved for priority bags. So IF you have gold or silver Sheba miles on Ethiopian or any Star Alliance carrier you are laughing….but on Saturday the bags from the London plane had to wait for a carousel to clear, and that took a long time, so the bags from the London flight did not appear till nearly 80 minutes after it landed!!!!!!! I think it was partly because the Washuington plane, a 777 – 300 with nearly 400 people got in before the London plane…..and its bags occupied a carousel for a long time….

THEN once you pick up your bags you have to join the Q for one of the 2 x ray machines that are in use at customs – ALL bags have to go through them. This Q can take another 20 minutes.

AT THE FRONT OF THE Q they will ask you for your baggage tags from check in. This used to be done randomly but they are now doing it for everyone…,..

AGAIN gold / silver folk have a fast track green carpet to X ray machines.

FINALLY a reminder that some meeters and greeters from hotels/ngo’s etc still wait in the car park outside T2 , tho most go inside. If someone is meeting you make sure you know if they will be INSIDE the arrivals hall or out in car park.


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