A further note on tour operators & guides

How would users of this website feel if I were to ban all posts, positive or negative, relating to generic tour operators and guides?

And just revert to what this website was initially meant to be: a place where readers can post travel updates and trip reports focussed on the country and facilities there, not on tour operators and guides.

It is becoming a real drain on my time and energy to referee the guide and operator feedback, and it strikes me that there are already several other more suitable forums (notably thorntree & tripadvisor) where anybody can post unverified and largely unverifiable feedback of this sort!

If people are finding the recommendations useful, fine, I am happy to carry on with them. But if most people read them with a pinch of salt (and I know I am starting to more and more), then maybe everybody is wasting their time & it’d be better just to veto them?

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Philip



3 thoughts on “A further note on tour operators & guides

  1. Wim Hance says:

    Tripadvisor seems the natural home for that sort of puffery. This site, as per your book, is most valuable as a source of infomation, facts and updates about Ethiopia. I’d ditch the guide/tour operator commendation posts entirely, they dilute the content needlessly with no tangible benefit to the reader beyond random opinion.

  2. Alistair Nicoll says:

    I agree with you much more interested in travel updates and hearing of new (good) hotels and ones to avoid as well as interesting places to visit and how to get there – ie updates to the excellent guide books


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