Lalibela guide recommendation

Mits writes:

I recently toured Ethiopia on my own and generally prefer to discover the sights on my own as I did in Bahir Dar and Gondar.

However, in Lalibela I was referred by my hotel to Sofonias, or Sofi for short, and pleasantly surprised at the exceptional service and the insights and facts I received from Sofi. His English is excellent so it was easy to communicate and he came across as bright, ambitious and considerate. He had a great command of Ethiopian history and current affairs. We saw the churches, parts of the town and shared some tej. We had some really intense chats on topics that ranged from religion to land use rights and the economy. He went the extra mile and advised me on the best times to go see the churches again in the week after our tour based on what was happening and when.

Sofi also arranged a 1 day private bus ride back to Addis with other travelers so we were able to split the costs. I am truly grateful for the comfort and shorter trip than I experienced on the public buses I’d used in getting to Lalibela.

Sofi can also guide you through Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. He can be reached on +251 912 014 360 or



2 thoughts on “Lalibela guide recommendation

  1. eastmanes says:

    Thank you for your post. My son and I will be in Ethiopia traveling in January for two weeks; currently in S. Sudan working on an agricultural project. I am budgeting out my travel plans there and am wanting to know what to expect to pay a good guide per day, and does this include his meals lodging or is this also extra? thank you in advance! Edward

  2. wilson says:

    The churches of Lalibela are a must see tourist attraction. The entry fee of $50 UDS per person was unreasonable but the experience was excellent. We highly recommend Sofi as a very knowledgeable guide for the churches ( Phone +251912014360).

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