Hotel news for the Piazza area, Addis Ababa

Stuart Dickson writes:

Hotel News in Addis- The Wanza Hotel located in the Olympia region of Addis Ababa is soon to be closing it’s doors. Sadly this great little meeting place for many interesting characters from around the horn and East Africa is falling victim to yet another government land grab. The government here have a policy of stern options when it comes to taking land it wants for development. When a plot is needed such as the Wanza location the owners are given a option “build your hotel up to eight, thirteen or twenty one levels or sell up and move out. This happens all the time around the country and sadly the Wanza family do not have the resources to expend on such a huge project so they have no choice but close up shop.
It is very sad and many people are paying the price- the Chinese influence here is stronger than we assume.
I will miss the Wanza (even though it was falling apart) and all the weird and wonderful people that used to pass through and shared tales in the restaurant.

I have been roaming the area and there are other options which is good because Olympia is such a great location as a base to venture from.
There is Rita’s Guest House just up the road on the left at $25.00 + a well run, clean quiet spot with free breakfast and WI-fi service. There is the Almaz just down from the Wanza at 200 – 350 etb per night but like the Wanza it is now blasted nightly by live music and DJ at a new club on the block. Also there is King Guest House just past the Residence Inn and Homage Hotel at 250-350 and 400etb per night depending on your needs. It is quiet, clean and basic and at 250 for a single with hot water it’s a good deal for Addis with it’s ever increasing prices. There are other options in the area if you look around. By by Wanza but we can still meet at the delish Sudanese Ful house. Elisa’s nice little Buna and Chi house- The Parisian or lets eat great goat meat with rice , Harissa and flat bread at the Yemeni restaurant on Meskel Flower. See you around Stuart.


One thought on “Hotel news for the Piazza area, Addis Ababa

  1. Julien C. says:

    Hello Stuart,
    I’m writing from France, i will be in Addis Abeba the december 03 /14 for a couple of days. May i ask you if the Wanza Hotel will still be open for my stay in Addis, If yes, do you have their e-mail adress?
    Thanks in advance.

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