Increase in Ethiopian Airlines domestic flight prices

Addis Advisor has alerted us to a drastic increase in the cost of domestic flights in Ethiopia as of Nov 2013. Broadly speaking, these now split up into three price tiers, the most expensive being for non-citizens who travel to Ethiopia with a carrier other than Ethiopian Airlines, the middle one being for non-citizens who fly to the country with Ethiopian Airlines, and the lowest being for Ethiopian citizens and expatriate residents with a Green Card. If you look at the Ethiopia Airlines website (, the standard fare quoted here for any given domestic flight is the one that will be paid by those coming into Ethiopia on another airline. Those flying into the country with Ethiopian Airlines will pay about 45-55% of this fare. Citizens and expatriate residents with a Green Card pay about 30% of the full fare.


2 thoughts on “Increase in Ethiopian Airlines domestic flight prices

  1. sangjin chun says:

    Hi! How about a foreigner who live in ethiopia, and flys regularly ones a week between addis abba and dire dawa? If I have to pay the normal price, I should reject my future assignment. Thank you for your precious information.

    • philipbriggs says:

      Hi Sangjin – AA just emailed to clarify that the lowest rate applies to both citizens and to expatriate residents with a Green Card (I am about to change the original post accordingly). Beyond that, if you are based in Ethiopia, I would suggest you contact ET directly for further details!

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