Great Ethiopian Run – 24 Nov 2013

Addis Advisor writes:

Anyone planning to do the GER or watch it on Sunday Nov 24th should be aware that the course this year is completely different, due to massive road works in city centre and Debre Zeit Rd for the building of the Addis Metro Light Rail system. The run is in the north east sector of the city so a huge area between Arat Kilo; Amist Kilo, Sidist Kilo and Magananya is likely you be closed to traffic from 0800 till lunchtime at least. For exact route see GER website

Easiest places to walk into the course will be from Arat Kilo or Megananya, or from the new road that goes north from Holiday Hotel towards British Embassy.

If you are on holiday in Addis and want to watch it be aware it is a huge event, the largest road race in Africa, with 37,000 runners.

Best place to see the 500 elite runners possibly about 0910 at Shola Market, 0920 at St Matthews Church between Arat Kilo and Ras Amba Hotel, 0925 Sandford International School

BUT note that last two places are elite only i.e. the other 36000 go on different route from Green Valley Hotel back to finish at Jan Meda. So if you want to see everyone the T junction by Green Valley Hotel is a good place.

If you want to see everyone near start head for Sandford School and walk just past it to where the road comes out on a 6 lane highway

Finally, if you wish to avoid it head for Bole or the city centre area this year….


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