Ethiopia Paradise Tours

Christina writes:

My two sisters and I have just come back from an amazing holiday in the Northern Historic part of Ethiopia. Thanks to the helpful, knowledgeable tour organizer Bereket.Afro we were able to visit the historical places Bahir-Dar, Gondar, Axum and Lalibela in one of his minibuses, driven by an excellent driver within 10 days in a very comfortable and cheap way. In every place Bereket had his agents and knew hotels in all price categories. We were fully free to chose whatever we wanted to visit and wherever we wanted to stay. Although we had been planning to travel mostly by bus this turned out to be a most comfortable and cheap way of travelling.
The day before we left, Bereket took all the time to give us the best of advice and was willing to plan our trip exactly the way we wanted to. He gave us a taste of the local life by taking us to a local restaurant in Addis and afterwards his sister prepared a coffee ceremony.
His prices must be cheaper than the ones I had found of other tour operators.
During our preparations before going to Addis, he always promptly replied and during our trip our driver was never one minute late. We had a successful awesome trip.
I would highly recommend Bereket.

tel. +2510118605050
mobile: +251910141278 or +251918780685


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