Arrival at Bole Airport, Addis Ababa

Addis Advisor writes:
1. There are so many new hotels, guest houses etc in Addis Ababa these days that taxi drivers may not know them all. So, if you are staying at a new hotel without an airport shuttle bus, have the location description ready for your taxi driver (ideally in relation to a well-known landmark), and the phone number in case he still doesn’t know where it is.
2. If  you are arriving at Terminal One and being met by somebody, be aware that non-passengers are never allowed inside this terminal, so you should go out to the car park to look for your lift.

3. The situation if you are arriving a Terminal Two is more complicated, as meet-and-greeters  and drivers are allowed into the terminal, but to do so they have to buy a ticket and queue up for a security check, so most of them opt to wait outside in the car park. I spent three hours waiting for two Colombian Tourists on Friday – on a late plane from Jeddah – and in that time I met four groups or individuals who were waiting inside, when their drivers proved eventually to be waiting outside!  The driver for the Taitu Hotel is especially bad – he was inside at 0730 but outside for his next group at 0930. The potential for confusion is made worse by the phone network, which is pathetic right now. So make sure you know in advance whether the person meeting you is going to be outside or inside.  And if you do agree to meet inside, a great rendezvous is the Yellow Spot Cafe, which is immediately to your left as you emerge from baggage hall, and is open plan (no walls) so you or they are very visible sitting there.


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