Roadworks and railway construction in Addis Ababa

AddisAdvisor reports:

The widening of Bole Road is finished. You can now cover the airport to Maskel Sq in under 10 minutes out of rush hour. If arriving at night you no longer need to use hotels near airport.

But the construction of a new metropolitan rail system is disrupting traffic elsewhere, since the planned lines mainly run down the centre of existing roads. The two lines will extend 17km from east to west stretching, from Ayat Village to Tor Hailoch via Megenagna, and  17km from north to south line through Menelik Square, Mercato, Gotera and Kaliti, with about 3km of common track running from Lideta to Meskel Square via Mexico Square, the old railway station, and the stadium.  For a full map, see this government site. The line should be completed some time in 2017/8 and is bound to ease congestion once it opens.


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