Phone & SIM card rental in Addis Ababa

Mr. Feleg Tsegaye, President of ArifMobile, writes:

I run a travel startup based in Addis Ababa that works to connect travelers to local information in Ethiopia during their stay.   Right now we’re providing SIM card rentals to travelers as I work on establishing the hotline and train up the representatives and I’ve been working on raising awareness in the meantime.  Since Ethiopia’s telecom industry is dominated by a state-owned monopoly, customer service isn’t one of their strong suits and the process of getting a SIM card can take much longer for the uninitiated. Contact details are: +251-912-613-918, ftsegaye@arifmobile.com


2 thoughts on “Phone & SIM card rental in Addis Ababa

  1. Liza D says:

    I really thing that at this stage such services should not be allowed. It takes 10 minutes and less than 100 birr to get a new SIM card in your name at Hilton newspaper shop opposite the Ethiopian airlines office. Requires a photocopy of your passport which you can get for 3 birr at the business centre and 2 ID size photos.

  2. Feleg says:

    Hello Liza, I’m just seeing your comment now. Not all hotels and guesthouses offer this service and Ethio Telecom has stopped issuing SIM cards with data service entirely. If you need data for email, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. I’m afraid that the hotels won’t be able to help you unless they have existing active SIM cards.

    We also pre-cut the SIM for your phone, meet you at your hotel, top-up credit in advance if you’ve ordered, and provide support during your stay. Not a bad deal for $2 a day, particularly if you’re with a group or have a busy schedule from the get-go.

    Everyone’s needs are different though.


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