Travellers cheques

Kevin McBriarty writes: My friend has just returned from Ethiopia, and she said the banks in Addis Ababa are not accepting travellers’ cheques because of some security issue. It is not clear how long this situation will last but I would advise carrying other forms of currency.


Overland Ethiopia Tours

Alan Friedlob (Bellingham, Washington) & Mariann Kocsis (Baltimore, Maryland) write: This April, we were fortunate to have spent about three weeks traveling with Overland Ethiopia Tours ( ). (Haileab Seyoum Beyene and his support staff)-- in a private tour of the Northern Circuit, Rift Valley, South Omo, and the Bale Mountains. What impressed us is the social … Continue reading Overland Ethiopia Tours

Anisa Guesthouse, Harar

Nico Demus writes There is a new traditional guesthouse in the Jugol (walled town) of Harar that finally challenges the Rawda and Zewda houses and their disagreeable, unfriendly attitudes. Its called the Anisa guesthouse and is located near the Jemi mosque. Anisa is a very friendly, outgoing woman. Call her at 0915330011 or call Hailu, … Continue reading Anisa Guesthouse, Harar

Washa Mikael Church & Guide recommendation, Addis Ababa

Brian writes: 1) The thievery on the way to Washa Mikael has apparently gotten bad enough that a vigilante cartel has sprung up. A group of old local men wearing makeshift uniforms (caps and gray jackets) and carrying hefty sticks approached us near the road. We paid 200 birr for one of them to act as an escort. … Continue reading Washa Mikael Church & Guide recommendation, Addis Ababa