Simien Mountains with Ethiopia Eco Tour and Trek

John Steinberger writes:

My son and I recently took a trip to Ethiopia. We were in Ethiopia for approximately 2 weeks from April 28, 2013 to May 11 2013. Part of the trip involved a trek to the Simien Mountains. Our trip was organized by Ethiopia Eco Tour and Trek run by Addis Yimer. Our itinerary was as follows:

Day 1: Gondar – Debark – Sankaber Camp (3,200m)

Day 2: Sankaber (3,200m) – Geech Camp (3,600m)

Day 3: Geech-Imetgogo-Seha vally-Kedadit-Geech

Day 4: Geech (3600m) – Innatye (4070m) – Chenek (3,600m)

Day 5 .Climb up to Ras Bahiut which is about 4370masl and back to chenek

Day 6: Drive back to Gondar:

We enjoyed the Simien Mountains immensely. We hiked for 5 days. We would hike for about 7 hours a day. We saw lots of the native animals including the baboons, ibex and the Ethiopian wolf. We saw interesting villages along the way and encountered various herders. The people were very friendly. We booked our trip with Ethiopia Eco Tour and Trek which is owned by Addis Yimer. He selected our guide and cook who were both excellent. Our guide pointed out various landmarks, informed us of the customs and practices of the villagers we encountered, pointed out the different vegetation and animals in the region. Our cook took a lot of pride in his cooking and each dish he made was excellent. Mr. Yimer went the extra mile in helping us have a good trip. Our luggage didn’t arrive when we landed in Addis. We started the hike without our luggage. Mr. Yimer was able to secure our luggage and had it driven up to our campsite.

If you are planning a trip to Ethiopia, I would highly recommend Ethiopia Eco Tour and Trek run by Addis Yimer. The web site is His email is The email for his web stie is


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