Sarem Hotel, Addis Ababa

Chris writes:

I just wanted to mention a fairly plush new hotel north of Piassa called Sarem Hotel, which opened a few weeks ago. Their email is , web , they are situated a little way out of town, on the same road as Simien Hotel but about double the distance from Piassa, so a trek from Bole but 15 mins from Piassa. I’m nothing to do with them, I just live locally so often go in to eat and drink their freezing beer. The service is very professional with broad smiles. The decor is equivalent to any reasonably upmarket international 4 star hotel, (not that I’ve much experience); spotlessly clean, chandeliers in the hall, a nice reception with sofas, a pleasant bar with balconies overlooking the road, (which I suppose is not so picturesque unless you’re already in love with Addis chaos), and a restaurant. A single is $60, double or twin $75, suite $95, including spa, breakfast, etc, which even for a penny-pinching flea-nest seeker like myself seems very good value indeed, given the comfort level of the hotel. Local beers are 30 Birr, a burger 80 Birr, the staff are immensely eager to please if often quite formal. Normally a Taitu fan, I’ll be using it when my Mum visits for the pleasant efficiency.

All the best


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