Flights & airports errata

It’s been drawn to my attention that several aspects of the information on flights & airports was not fully updated for the 6th edition.

So please note the following:

1. Arrival at Bole Airport (p128) – Especially if you need to buy a visa on arrival, immigration procedures at Bole Airport are a lot slower than they used to be. In essence this is because the volume of flights has more than trebled in recent years but the number of immigration desks hasn’t kept pace. Expect it to take an hour to 90 minutes from landing to leaving the airport.

2. Airlines (p129) – Alitalia no longer flies to Ethiopia. SAA flights are in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines. Other carriers that now fly to Addis Ababa include Egyptair, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air , Turkish Airlines, Saudi Airlines and Yemenia.

3, Domestic flights  (P89) are now on 75-seat Bombadier Dash aircraft made in Canada. Since they got the new planes in 2010, more than 97% of Ethiopian domestic flights leave on time, and cancellations are a very rare occurrence indeed .

4. Ticket confirmation (p89) – It is no longer necessary to confirm domestic flights as you travel around the country, as stated here and in several regional chapters – flights are now effectively confirmed at the time of booking.

5. Taxes (p90) No additional taxes need to be paid at any airport on domestic (or for that matter international) flights. Where taxes are charged, they are incorporated into the ticket price at the time of booking/payment.


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