6th edition errata

John writes:

P. 159  in the 4th paragraph, the church Kiddist Maryam you are speaking about is not the church located at C4, map p.162. As you state, the trio of historical churches you describe are situated west of the Ghebi, the Old Palace. That Kiddist Maryam should not be confused with the one on the map p. 162 between Arat and Sidist Kilo. In truth, the church you are discussing does not appear on any of the closer range maps of Addis.

P. 406, in the para just before the last, concerning “An ambitions excursion out of Asbe Teferi”, you speak about the forest and caves on the slopes of Mt Arba Gugu (3625 m high, according to my map) located some 100km east of Asbe Teferi. If I am not wrong, these places are all west of Asbe Teferi.


One thought on “6th edition errata

  1. frank rispin says:

    The writer here is absolutely right about the Ki.Mariam described here not being in C4 on the map.*The K.Miriam in C2 is the St Marys at Amist Kilo next to the HQ of the whole Orthodox Chucch…
    But on the location of those places described by PB in bottom para p 159 6th edition he is wrong in that they are on the EAST side of the massive Gibe compound.

    Apologies Frank Rispin. 2012 updater of the Addis chapter

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