Lalibela & surrounds

Former Bradt commissioning editor Tricia Hayne has kindly sent me the following feedback:

page 322                  Map This isn’t to scale, which is fine if you’re fit – but could be a problem if not!  The new hotels top left, including the Cliff Edge, are about 1km from the shops, rather than the 300m or so that the map implies.  I’d be happy to redraw it if it’d help (we’ve already done it in part).  It’d probably justify a 2pp map as a result.


page 325                   Getting there and away The hotel charged us 70 birr each way to/from the airport – so US$4 rather than US$4.50.


Page 327                  Top Twelve Hotel Opened in November 2012, the Top Twelve is an unusual red-block construction with massive wooden doors.  Spacious, modern and spotlessly clean when we stayed, its rooms are notable for superb views across the valley, attractive wood and leather furniture, and vividly coloured throws that give a strong sense of place. US$55 twin, B&B.


Page 330                  There are now three banks in town; both the Commercial Bank and the Dashen (next to the Aman Hotel) have ATMs.


Page 331                  Tour practicalities – I’m sure you’ve heard this from all quarters, but just in case, the cost of a faranji ticket to Lalibela’s rock churches is now US$50, or almost 1,000 birr, per person.  Ow!  All churches are in theory open to the public 12.00 and 2-5pm; services are generally 6-8am and 12-2pm.


New toilets are being built by the World Bank near the northwest cluster.


Page 337                  Yemrehanna Kristos Entrance is 150 birr pp (US$8.50).  A 4×4 to the church cost us 1,400 birr (US$80), and could take up to 7 people, plus a guide and the driver.  The steep walk up to the monastery was paved/stepped a few years ago, so no more problems with loose rocks etc.  There are toilets on the way up, with new ones being built, again by the World Bank.  In the car park at the bottom there’s a handful of souvenir stalls.


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