Tesfa and plane/bus transport

Cornelia writes:

– We did an absolutely wonderful hike with TESFA, but due to internal problems between TESFA (Lalibela) and Tesfa Tours (Addis) the organization of the trekk was awful. They overbooked some night stays and forced us to change our plans the day before our planned hike even if we had booked and paid weeks before. TESFA wanted to charge us the last night again telling us that Tesfa Tours did not send them enough money for our stay. They proposed us to claim it back in Addis after the hike. Our guide had different information about our meeting point and time and it was difficult to find him at our starting point in Filakit. And finally we had to bargain to be picked up at the end of the hike for the price they had announced us before… The hike for itself was a wonderful experience, but until they do not solve their problems, it is hard to recommend it.
– Buses and even planes tend to leave a lot earlier than planned. We always managed to catch them, but e.g. our flight from Lalibela to Addis left almost one hour earlier than announced. Minibuses often left around five when we were told that they would leave around 5:30 or 6:00.

One thought on “Tesfa and plane/bus transport

  1. fahrinurlaub62 says:

    Well, our experience with TESFA was great. The trek was wonderful and also the organisation. They picked us up at the right time in Bahir Dar and everything was well organized. I was also a bit worried because we payed everything weeks before. BUT we contacted them many times… from Europe by email and phoned them several days ahead if everything is OK, asked for the phone number of the driver and name and mobile of the guide.

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