Hi-Life Bar & Grill, Hawassa

Proprietor Yonas Tefera writes:

Located on the ground floor of Lake View Hotel, family-owned and operated Hi-Life Bar & Grill is the finest restaurant and the trendiest bar to be found in Hawassa. We serve a varied menu of fresh and bold flavours and have created a relaxed ambience with an African theme. Whether you’re looking for a place to put up your feet over a coffee, grab a cocktail with friends before heading to town, linger over a romantic dinner, or host an important meeting, Hi-Life Bar & Grill is the ideal dining experience for any occasion. Enjoy the view of Lake Hawassa from our scenic terrace, experience the energy of our exhibition kitchen from a cosy booth indoors, or lounge in our vibrant bar area.

We combine good quality ingredients and unique flavour combinations with influences from Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe, and America. Our specialities include healthy grilled meat and fish platters, salads, burgers, fresh juices and homemade bread. No matter where you’re from, you’ll enjoy the unique style we call Hi-Life. Most of the ingredients we use are sourced locally from specially selected farmers and suppliers. It helps to remind us to keep things simple and authentic – and helps keep the conversation flowing too!

In short, whether you’re planning a casual family lunch or a sophisticated dinner with clients, there’s something to suit every palate. For bookings or more information please call the Hi-Life office on +251 46 2211118 or the Hi-Life manager Yonas Tefera on +251 930108351.


3 thoughts on “Hi-Life Bar & Grill, Hawassa

  1. stuart dickson says:

    Trendiest in town, WHO is claiming that? Every time i walk by it looks dead as a doornail (not to say that might be true in the future) The views could be great if the corrugated sheeting wall and brush were removed. This Ethiopia news piece seems very much like self promotion and having Philip’s name connecter is doggy

    • philipbriggs says:

      Hi Stuart,
      I state upfront that the report comes from the proprietor Laura Garforth. So obviously it will be somewhat promotional in nature. I also state on the home page of the update website that I am unable to verify reports posted here from readers or other sources. Realistically it is the only way I can operate an update website like this. The alternative is to close it down.
      And of course you or anyone else is free to post a reposte, as you have here… I will even tidy up the spelling errors for you!
      Cheers, Philip

    • Yonas says:

      Hi Stuart. Thanks for your comment! The piece was indeed intended as a promotion of Hi-Life Bar and Grill. Hi-Life is a new business and we have been developing our client base over the past few weeks. I agree that the storage facility on the plot in front is unsightly but unfortunately it is beyond our control – when it is removed the view from the terrace will improve enormously. We would love to welcome you to Hi-Life to sample our menu when you have time. Please just ask for Yonas – we would be very interested to hear more of your feedback so that we can improve our service.

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