Fanos Ethiopia Tours

Frank Vandendriessche writes:

We travelled in North and South ethiopia in november 2012. After obtaining our flight ticket on Ethiopean, the issue was how to find a local tour operator. After a few months of search on the net and some advices of travellers coming back from this beautiful country, we choose Kebrabwe Mathews. He is a young enthusiastic Ethiopean citizen, who studied tourism and recently started his own company: “Fanos Ethiopean Tours service” named after his future spouse. Keb was very knowledgeable about his country and it is his dream to see tourism developping in his country.It was a pleasure to experience how Keb arranged our tour, everything was planned in the right way and if the unforerseen happened he was more embarrassed as we were, immediatly doing everything to solve the issue. I personnaly recommend Keb and his starting organization, Fanos Ethiopia Tours service, if you are in search of a good reliable local touroperator. (


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