Experience Ethiopia Tours

Michel A Puckett writes:

Who knew that Ethiopia would be such a varied and exciting country to visit? We went to see the rock churches of Lalibela and ended up falling in love with the various regions of Ethiopia. If you wish to see an unspoiled African country, the clock is ticking on Ethiopia. Once “discovered” it will change.

I had contacted so many in-country travel companies/free lance people with varying degrees of success. I noted that Experience was listed in your guide book, which is excellent by the way.

Marc Gross with ET African Journeys stepped in to help and together with Awash Gebrehiwot of Experience we developed an 18 day itinerary that included being in Lalibela for Genna (Christmas Jan 7) and also having the opportunity to be in Gondar for Timket ( January19). We spent a rapid fire crisscross of Ethiopia over those days taking 4 internal flights. .

Highlights include a trip to the Omo Valley for six days which we totally loved. We were there for a Bull Jumping event when a young man from the Hamer Tribe passes from childhood to adulthood. We also stopped in many villages, markets and found this area to be our favorite.

I would like to strongly recommend Experience Ethiopia for travel to Ethiopia. We worked so well together and they were able to beat a price tag from other travel companies by $600.00 each without sacrificing the quality of the hotels while in fact, Experience offered far nicer hotels than most tour operators.

I wanted to share our positive experience as navigating through the plethora of tour companies can be daunting. I highly recommend Experience Ethiopia to all who are thinking about traveling to this unique country.


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