Addis Eats Tour

Olivia writes:

I am really enjoying the guidebook in the run up to my trip to Ethiopia in October!

I was wondering if you were aware of the Addis Eats Food Tour ( Addis does not seem to have many (or maybe any) options for tours in english that are not incredibly touristy and this seems like a really cool option! The tours take you to restaurants that are away from the tourist traps and are led by a young U.S. citizen who has lived in Ethiopia for what seems like a while now. The website itself is also incredibly informative about Ethiopian food and traditions–really useful!


2 thoughts on “Addis Eats Tour

  1. Drea says:

    There seems to be a bit of lack of what to expect in terms of the food experience so I just wanted to share my recent food and coffee experience in Ethiopia. If this is your first time visiting, wow are you in for a treat! Injera can get old but there are wonderful alternatives, especially if you’re in bigger cities like Addis, Gondar and Lalibella. Make sure you order atakelt (awesome salad) at the fruit stands (they should have seating in the back, once you enter) to go along with a nice big mug of spreece.

    And the coffee will blow your mind too! Just remember that the Ethiopian version of a capuccino is NOT the same at all as the ‘western’ concept of one. Stick to the macchiato and you will not be disappointed.

    I documented the coffee and food experience in much more detail in two of my personal posts, please feel free to read further if you’re interested:

    On Coffee:

    On Food:

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