Animalia Lodge, Awash National Park

Jahnka writes:

I’d like to recommend tourists going eastwards a possible solution for the accomodation in the Awash Park area: the Animalia Lodge, run by Dimitri Assimacopoulos, son of the Greek old woman Madame Kiki who manages the Buffet d’Aouache in Awash Saba.

The lodge is located on the top of a small hill in the Bilen area, totally immersed in the wild Afar savannah, overlooking into a vast plain from which beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed on the restaurant’s outdoor veranda.

To get there, from Awash Saba follow the asphalt road east for 7 km and then turn left to the road directed north to Mile; after 50km from the junction you will see a signboard where you will turn left onto dirt road for 6 km, then just follow the clearly indicated signposts.

The lodge is composed by 7 cosy bungalows, each with two beds, a private outdoor shaded veranda, a toilet whose shower is naturally warm since water is pumped from a nearby natural spring.

I went there with a group of Italian tourists for a couple of nights. We arranged their two pick-ups for a morning game drive in the Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve (entrance 90 br per person) where we spotted several Soemmering Gazelles, Beisa Oryxs and Warthogs and even some Gravy’s Zebras from distance. In the afternoon we went to visit a local Afar village, the cotton farms, the Awash river, the hot spring and the beatiful plain surrounding the lodge, dotted again with several wild animals such as Salt’s Dikdiks, Warthogs, Northern Gerenuks and so many birds like Marabou Storks and Pelicans.

Finally, one of the most notable remarks, that is, the excellent food, really the most exquisite of our trip. The restaurant combines Greek, French and Italian cuisine that can satisfy both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates. The Italian tourists (who are notably very exigent about food) were totally approving every choice of the rich buffets !

Prices are very reasonable and worthy the quality! The atmosphere is very relaxing!

+251 (0) 911 20 84 42
+251 (0) 115 50 93 64 – 65



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