Awash National Park

Matthias writes:

I would like to make some positive remarks on Awash national park, as I read mostly negative remarks.
When I was there we visited the place only for one day with 3 students and driver in a private car. You should not at all expect to see high amounts of wildlife, that is really the wrong attitude. But if you are lucky you can see some nice mammals (we saw beisa oryx, greater kudu, warthog, baboons and soemmering’s gazelle) and the bird life is superb. Moreover, the landscape is increadebly nice; the falls and the gorge, the savanna, but also the warmwater sources, surrounded by palm trees in the north, located in a deserted landscape where Afar boys roam with their cattle. Definitely visit that site too!

2 thoughts on “Awash National Park

  1. Phil King says:

    Matthias, did you visit Awash NP in a private vehicle from Addis Ababa? We’re planning to pass through the town of Awash en route from Jijiga to Addis Ababa, and I was wondering if it was possible to organize a game drive from the town of Awash, or at the park itself.

    Originally we had planned to stay at the Awash Lodge, but I have read numerous negative reviews of the lodge online.

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