Bale and Hawassa updates

Joerg writes:

Awassa: The food in the restaurant of Lewy hotel was excellent (including free Wi-Fi), I stayed in Midre Genet Hotel (80 Birr) = ok. The reservation by phone of the Gebre Kristos Hotel (200 Birr) did not work, next day nobody knew about the phone call and no room was available …

–          Goba: Yilma Hotel: The very well English speaking owner (manager) was very helpful to his guests. So he arranged a one day trip  to NP Bale Mountains und the forest for a fair price. (Because of a bad leg I cannot do 3 day trekking …), The price for a single/double room was 80 Birr.

–          Bale Mountains: There is a possibility to stay overnight without tent at a place called the Harena Forest Hotel & Cultural Centre. You can leave the regular bus from Goba (with the slight problem to get further…)


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