Consolar Hotel, Axum

Simon writes:

The Consolar Hotel in Axum seems to have gone downhill since your 6th edition was researched. Far from having broadband internet in every room, there is no internet available anywhere in the hotel. There was also no sign of the minibar you mention in the guide. There was a telephone in our room, but for display purposes only – there was nothing for it to plug into. The hotel is half-built, with the fifth floor currently under noisy and dusty construction, whilst the lower floors are already falling apart. The food is truly, really inedible and service is woefully slow at best – at worst dishonest (they twice tried to charge me wildly over the odds for bar bills). Our toilet seeped sewage (I don’t even know how this is possible on the fourth floor), there was no hot water for the duration of our stay and no water at all for a large portion of it, the beds are insanely soft (perhaps broken) to the point where one disappears into the mattress and many of the room doors do not lock. I visited the Yeha Hotel whilst in Aksum and hugely regretted not staying there – it is a carbon copy of its ex-sister hotels in Bahar Dar and Lalibela and as such is totally adequate.


2 thoughts on “Consolar Hotel, Axum

  1. daddy rio says:

    i don’t know whether the above writer is enemy of the hotel personally or not, but all he /she wrote above is not correct. because, i stayed in November 2013 in this hotel and i found paradox with the above comment . i just spent lovely day and night in this hotel,how? because the room was very large ,the showers ware working well even there was hot and cold water ,there was telephone in the room, the food was OK, and the thing that i wonder in this hotel is the elevator (lift) just to write the fact regarding this hotel is very nice hotel from Axum..

  2. nigusu says:

    it is bad word of mouth i am hotel and toursm managment student in aksum university i daily visit the hotel the hotel is some what goood they give balanced service for customer even if as we compare to the service they deliver the price is very low as we compared to other hote hotel in aksum i think the above person who posts false information is the enemy for the owner of the hotel not customer

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