Dire Dawa map (and other) updates

A reader has kindly sent us the following updates for Dire Dawa (with grid refs):

–  Wegagen Bank is misspelled (A4)

– There’s a pretty good (ie fast) Internet place (Bethlehem Business Center) straight across the main north-south road from Samrat Hotel (A4)

– On the sign out front, Abider Clinic (C4) is spelled Abadir

– On the sign over the entrance, Mikael Snack Bar (C4) is spelled Michael

– Mito Burger (C6) has been demolished and is now a major building site. I confirmed that it was gone with the staff at the Continental Hotel across the street. There is also no information centre there either (presumably also in the bit that was demolished). I could not confirm what’s being built on this site.

– I found no sign of the Tele Centre (C6), unless it’s inside the Post Office itself (which was closed during my visit). That entire half block behind the Post Office has been demolished and is now a major building site as well.

– Tewedros Restaurant is a bit of a landmark and should probably be added…it was quite busy. It’s on the western side of the roundabout between the Tati Hotel and Dus Cafe (C6).

– You may be using a bit of cartographic license, but the Market (D3) is actually quite a bit further south than where it’s shown on the map…maybe 10 minutes from here. It could be leadered straight down that main road south from the Minjar Hotel.


One thought on “Dire Dawa map (and other) updates

  1. Bob James says:

    To support this update I have further information:

    The ‘Wagda Caf’ and anything else on the same site/side of the road has been demolished to be replaced by a multi-storey building for a bank and other ‘facilities’. The block on the opposite side of the road from the station and the Mekonnen Bar up to the bridge, has also been demolished to make way for building for an insurance company!

    On a brighter note, there is a very good Indian restaurant on the Harar road. It’s called ‘Hind’ – an unfortunate ‘non-Indian’ sounding name, apparently that of the owner’s wife – and can be found almost opposite the Paradiso. It’s not quite like Indian restaurants found in the UK but it is owned by an Indian – Raj – and boasts an Indian chef and has some very good Indian dishes!

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