Yeha Trip Report

Bernard Leman writes:

I went to Yeha two days ago. I caught the Number 35 Adigrat minibus from Adowa for 35 birr at 6,30am and they dropped me off at the Yeha junction at 7am. I could see Yeha Secondary School in the distance and the Temple complex is just behind it. I am almost 67 and not very fit. It took me 70 minutes walking the 5km to the Temple but I spent some minutes along the way setting up a tripod and taking video shots. I was accompanied half way by several very pleasant primary school children (I speak some Tigrinya) and for the final stretch some equally polite and pleasant high school students. The Temple is surrounded by scaffolding but I had much video footage from my 1997 visit. A German team is building a museum and excavating the palace site by the two megaliths. I despaired in 1997 that nothing would ever be done there. I had brunch at the cafe, talked to the graduates who work as tour guides and left copies of my book “Ark of the Covenant: evidence supporting the Ethiopian traditions.” (free on I found there was a 10am minibus to Adwa for 15 birr, saving me another 5km walk back this time uphill to the Adigrat-Adwa road in hotter conditions. They told me the minibus leaves Adwa at 7am and 2pm, returning at 10am and 5 pm. The next day I caught the same 35 minibus to Adigrat, being charged 40 birr since it was Saturday. On the way I saw two minibus crashes.


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