Guide recommendation for Simien Mountains

Kristen Davis writes:

Hi there, I’d like to recommend a guide and tour agency I used in Gonder who did a fabulous job of organizing our 5 day trek in the Simien mountains. The guide and agency owner, Addis Yimmer, and his team really know how to put together a tailor made package and know the area so all the questions you have about geology, flora & fauna are met with interesting replies. I’ve trekked all over the world and can say this was one of the smoothest and most friendly outfits I’ve worked with.

P.s. Awesome Ethiopia guide! Keep up the great work!


2 thoughts on “Guide recommendation for Simien Mountains

  1. Ariane says:


    Thank you for the information. How much did you pay in total for the 5 days? How many people were you? Until where did you go?


  2. Beketa Abdulwehab says:

    It’s an interesting giude team you met there. But most of the time the tourists go to north of Addis which mean to lalebela,semein mountain.actually it’s a good place worthy to be visited.have you ever experienced Bale before? I’m 100% sure that had you gone to Bale,harenna forest,which is a home for many endemic flora and fauna, you wouldn’t have given up posting and informing other tourist to schedule for Bale.

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