Clarification re Visas on Arrival

In March 2012 the Ethiopian government looked seriously at passing a draft ruling cancelling the facility to buy visas on arrival at Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport as of April 2012.

There was a lot of confusion at the time, leading this website – as well as several others – to warn travellers to check the situation and recommending that anybody planning to travel to Ethiopia in the immediate future buy their visa in advance to be on the safe side.

As it turned out, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ethiopia, under pressure from tour operators et al, eventually decided to shelf the draft ruling and stick with the established visa policy. In other words, visas are still available on arrival at Bole International Airport to the same nationalities they have always been.

To avoid further confusion, I am deleting all older posts relating to this unimplemented draft ruling and can also assure anybody who picks up similar posts dating to March and April 2012 on other websites that this ruling was never implemented. In the extremely unlikely event that anything does change with regard to visas on arrival, I will post details as soon as they are known to me.


4 thoughts on “Clarification re Visas on Arrival

  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for the update! I sent my VISA application to the Canadian Consulate on Thursday, via registered mail, and inexplicably, the latest parcel tracking update says the package was refused by recipient. To be clear, they didn’t refuse my VISA application, the actually refused to receive the registered envelope it was sent in. Weird and stressful! I was mainly only stressed about this because of the part in your book that said I should apply ahead of time, so it is great to get this update. I’ll apply on arrival now. Thanks!

  2. Johan Lynen says:

    Can visa on arrival be paid in €? The website of the embassy states the price (17€), but does not state they accept euros.

    • philipbriggs says:

      I can’t give you a definite answer, Johan, but I would be truly astonished if they cannot accept Euros or Pounds Sterling – Ethiopia gets lots of visitors from Europe and I am sure many arrive without USD.

      • Johan Lynen says:

        I found a fellow traveller, who paid recently the visum in €, so no need to change into USD.

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