Sora Tours

I am the trip leader for Epic Photo Tours and we take yearly photographic tours to the Omo Valley. Our tours are always and only led by Sora Tours an Ethiopian owned and operated company. They are the most professional out there. They have contacts in all of the villages, have local tribe members as guides and relationships with all of the lodges and hotels in Omo. The owner Osman has a sat phone with him and I have seen him on numerous occassions tow other company cars out of river beds and help get people medical care. He takes pride in his company and his drivers are really good guys. I have read many postings about other guides, but many are just guys trying to make a buck. When venturing to a remote, undeveloped place like the Omo Valley you need a company such as Sora tours. He knows all of the mechanics along the way, has GPS and the resources to turn a negative into a positive. The Omo Valley isn’t the place to try to save $25 a day as you will probably never go there again. Epic Photo Tours will be back there again aty the end of October with Osman and Sora Tours. We stay at the Buska Lodge, Swaynes,and the Eco-Omo Lodge.

Herb Lev


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