“Ethiopia Highlights” errata

Frank Rispin has kindly pointed out several minor errors in the new Ethiopia Highlights guide, as listed below:

p 80 Air France/Alitalia/BMI no longer fly to Addis Ababa. Other airlines that do fly into Addis but are not here include Egyptair, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, Kenya Airways

p 93 The 1br COIN has been around for 2 plus years.

p 96 Although menus at local eateries are normally printed in Amharic, this is not the case for the type of restaurants likely to be frequented by people travelling with tour companies

p 108 Addis Map. Karamara Restaurant closed. Habesha is in wrong place (it is on the Bole Rd). The Top View is reached via the major intersection of 5 roads 1cm south east of Yeka Michael Church !! (ie the famous Meganya Interchange). Saris is in wrong place. Crossroads labelled Saris is the Gotera Interchange. Saris is south of this some 2/3kms.

p 113 What we refer to as the Lion of Judah statue is the Tilglachin Memorial – the tall obelisk with Red Star on top 300 metres further north up Churchill that is the war memorial for 78-79………

p 115  former Imperial Palace (actually called the Jubilee Palace in HS regime) is now the National Palace or the Presidential Palace….as the President lives there.

p 116 line 8. This bar next to Taitu is closed. Yes it was in a very small old church , and was at one time the Falklands Bar/Pub see Piazza Map 5th edition p156.

P 129. The turn off to Menagesha Forest is near Sabata, 25-30km from Addis Ababa on the Woliso (Jimma) road, not at Woliso itself.

p 242 Bekele Mola Hotel, Langano closed. One of the best things to do in Hawassa is go on the Hippo boat – much easier to find here than at Lake Zwai; but not mentioned.

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