Zara Yacob Horse-trekking Trail

Yves Stranger of Equus Ethiopia writes:

I wanted to introduce the first exploratory ride on the new Zara Yacob Trail, a horse trekking route that will link Ankobar and the forest of Wof Washa to the forest of Menagesha Suba, 40 km to the west of Addis Ababa.

The trail will highlight the historic Emperor Zara Yacob who first passed edicts protecting the forest of Menagesha Suba in the 15th century, bringing seedlings from the forest of Wof Washa some 250-300 km away.
It is hoped that the Zara Yacob Trail will:
* Develop eco tourism in Ethiopia
* Create employment opportunities
* Create an indigenous story of environmental protection
* Boost Ethiopia’s positive image
You can find some more information about the Zara Yacob Trail here:
and more information about who Emperor Zara Yacob was here:
For more information please contact Yves Stranger at or

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