Bird watching near Addis Ababa

I love watching birds but am not a twitcher or interested in expensive birding tours with those obsessed with ticking lists. Whenever I travel I use the website birdingpal to make contact with local enthusiasts, some are amateurs and others may earn their living as a bird guide. In Addis I was fortunate to meet Elias Bayou through the site. He has a profound knowledge and love of birds, knows alll the best spots in Addis parks and surrounding areas to see a wide variety of birds including the endemics. I spent two mornings and one day trip with him, going no further afield than Debre Libanos, and saw well over 100 different birds. He is also a truely lovely guy, kind, helpful with excellent english, does not charge too much, and I would really recommend him. Contact him on 0911077220 or (I did have a problem at times with his email which for some unknown reason went into my spam).

Claire Finka

2 thoughts on “Bird watching near Addis Ababa

  1. Roy Anderson says:

    Dear Elias Bayou

    I have one spare day in Addis on the 5th of March – are you free to give a guided tour of bird sites in and near Addis – I have a car and driver and will of course pay for your time.

    Roy Anderson

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