Amazing Ethiopia Tours

I visited Ethiopia for 2 and a half weeks in December 2011 with Amazing Ethiopia Tours. My guide was Yigo Getu Tarkegn. Yigo was a truly exceptional guide. He is graduated from the Lion Ethiopia Tourism College and is extremely knowledgable in everything about his country from geography, history, religion, culture, politics… In fact, Yigo knows not only about Ethiopia but is very up to date with everything that is happening in the world. He is fluent in English and works absolutely professional. Yigo took care of all matters of the trip and planned everything very carefully. He was very helpful at all times and it was thanks to Yigo that the trip became a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me.
Yigo’s contact details are as follows:

P.O.Box:- 26001 Code:- 1000
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ;

Also i want to take this opportunity and say some good words about my driver Henok Cool Getachev. Henok is at least as cool as his name! No but seriously, having a good driver in Ethiopia is worth more than gold. It is definitely not an easy job to drive on these roads with so many children, people, animal constantly crossing in front of the car. Henok drives extremely prudently and carefully and i felt all the time very safe.
Henok can be reached on his cell phone: +251 911 17 34 74 or by email:
I would like to thank Yigo and Henok again for their great jobs done and i would like to warmly recommend them to everyone planning to visit Ethiopia.
Best regards, Nik Puppeto (Switzerland)


2 thoughts on “Amazing Ethiopia Tours

  1. Jaroslaw Reczek says:

    In Ethiopia i spent a few weeks of Jan./Feb. 2012. A huge part of the travel my guide was Yigo Getu Tarekegn (all his data you can find above). After visiting many countries and meeting many different tourist guides I can say one: Yigo is absolutely one of the best guides i ever cooperated with. Knowledge, experience, contacts, sensibility, approach – it all makes your experience of Ethiopia with him more intensive, more colorful, just better… That’s why I want to recommend everyone planning to visit this beatyful country to get in touch with Yigo! Regards, Jaroslaw Reczek (Poland)

  2. Maria says:

    I traveled with Amazing Ethiopia in December and everything was great. Drivers and guides were always on time, the booked hotels were excellent and they were very flexible in getting us the exact itinerary we wanted.

    There was just one issue between the agency and the guides from the Simien Mountains: apparently they didn’t pay what they were supposed to, and the guides expected us to pay in place of the agency. Obviously we refused because we have nothing to do with their business, and everything was fine.

    At the end of the trip, they invited us for dinner in a traditional restaurant in Addis. I would travel with them again.

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