Lake Tana ferry

I took the boat from Bahir Dar to Gorgora. Despite what you mention, the first class cabin is very bad value for money, it would be a third class in Europe or even lower. No tables, no toilets at all for first class passengers, 30% if the seats are missing cushions and are only a metal frame, cabin completely overcrowded because no control on tickets… on top of that the boat stopped on monday afternoon in Delgi and did not continue that day, so the boat only arrived in Gorgora on tuesday…

Under these conditions not very recommendable.



One thought on “Lake Tana ferry

  1. eddie says:

    I planned to take this ferry on Sunday 27th May and they told me the trip was extended to 3 days was very early in the morning and the reason was not clear so i had to cancel my plan.

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