Guide for Simien Mountains

If you are looking for a good guide to the Simiens I can thoroughly recommend Birhan Asmamaw at He was recommended to me by someone living in Ethiopia and he did not disappoint. He is very knowledgeable and clever and has a great sense of humor. And in his team is an excellent chef who, – dressed in full chefs attire – provides delicious meals! –
He is not the cheapest but well worth it in my opinion.

Anders TL, Norway


6 thoughts on “Guide for Simien Mountains

  1. pianinka says:

    I can second that opinion about Birhan Asmamaw who was our guide in the Simien Mountains in early March. Honest, responsible, decent and pleasant as well as reliable and offering reasonable prices.

  2. John Mabley says:

    I can endorse Tim’s comment. Travelling with Nega to Simiens a year later (November, 2013), Nega added to the enjoyment of our trip with a wonderful meal he served in full chef attire–in the middle of the Simiens. Remarkable. –John (Canada)

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