Various updates

I want to give you few update information from a month long trip in Ethiopia

  1. Pension taitu in bahir dar – this is one of the most awfull hotel in whole Eth !! it’s quite cheap but very, very unpleasant
  2. Hotel lalibela in lalibela – last time only with cold water, but the main problem is quantity of flees – its terrible!! In each mattress are tens of flees
  3. In churches in lalibela is the same – a lot of flees ofkrz on the floor
  4. From addis to harar, arba, dire dawa, bahir dar, Gondar and back once a day are direct connections  by selam bus and sky bus – selam is definitely much better – it’s lasts 7-10 hours. Departure from meskel sq. 5.30 am or 6.00 am
  5. It is allowed to drive a car during the night – there is no fee or sth for that
  6. Hotel pikok in dire dawa – terrible! Awfull! I’ve found a lot of flees, cockroaches and bedbugs !!
  7. I want to recommend you pension wudie in bahir dar – 150 per night – mosquito net is in each room, very clean, after renovation – wudie is in front of pension tana
  8. Hotel taitu in addis – quite expensive, meals are very weak, sometimes you can find cockroaches in your room,
  9. Now currency is about 17,2 etb for 1 usd
  10. Difference between prices in your guidebook  and contemporary prices is about 30-50 percent
  11. I bought trek in semien – 5 days – average, fair price should be between 250 – 350 usd – it’s depend on quality of service
  12. Hotel queen taitu in gonder – very good, fair prices
  13. Very good local club and restaurant in Addis – habesha on bole rd. quite cheap but I ate the best /but most expensive/ injera ever there!

John from Poland


2 thoughts on “Various updates

  1. Lo says:

    Info about point 5: It has never been forbiden to drive by night. It’s dangerous, that’s “all”. Animals on the road, people also, holes difficult to see, and, according to the region / road / period, bandits (not a joke, I’ve seen people attacked) … But for the bandits, it’s getting better.

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